Akademi Magazine

“With Powerful Visuals, Akademi Magazine Unpacks India’s Socio-political Issues

The self-funded publication uses design to make the most consequential issues in Indian culture and politics more accessible to its readers.

“Occupied-Kashmir is the world’s most militarised zone, and looking at images of the area, what struck me were all the barbed wires that I spotted everywhere,” says Roy, who chose it as the main element of the artwork, compositing the shadows with the text, so that both felt like a part of the same world. 

Roy’s nuanced and striking illustrations have augmented the stories that find a home in Akademi, and carved out a solid niche for the publication in the digital ether, helping it inch ever closer to the next goal. “From day one, print has been a dream,” says the duo. Coming up later in the year is a thematic, annual print publication–brimming with long-form commentary, and packed with illustrations and photo essays–”created in New Delhi, and read across the world.””