Barcode Stickers e.a.

Minerva Cuevas/Mejor Vida Corporation in 2003

“Presented as intervention during the
Irational Action Weekend in Dortmund
This project of the Mejor Vida Corporation
(the Ā»better lifeĀ« enterprise founded
by Minerva Cuevas in 1997) starts with
a visit by the artist to a supermarket,
more specifically to its foods department.
She fills her trolley with fruit, nuts,
and cheese. Back home, she subsequently
scans the barcode labels on their packaging.
Returning to the supermarket, she
then provides a life-improving service to
random consumers, who generally fail to
notice that the goods they buy are now
anything from one to five euros cheaper
than they should be. This is due to the
fact that the artist has glued over the
original label the virtually identical barcode
sticker she produced at home. The
actions are documented under the Services
box on her website, and downloads of
the data required to create the barcode
cover versions are available by clicking

(, met nog veel meer projecten beschreven)