“A Campaign to Rein In Robotaxis

October 24, 2023: Safe Street Rebel Statement Regarding DMV Order for Cruise to Stop Operations

This decision is long overdue. The DMV stopped operation of Cruise robotaxis in California because they were determined to be “an unreasonable risk to the public” and because Cruise “misrepresented … information related to safety.” This is a clear victory for direct action and the power of people getting in the street. Our shenanigans made this an international story and forced a spotlight on the many issues with AVs. However, Waymo is still out there, as are all human-driven cars that also put pedestrians and bikers at risk and get in the way of buses and emergency vehicles. We also anticipate that these profit-driven tech companies will try and skirt or change regulations to their benefit at the detriment of public safety. This is a good and necessary step forward, but the job’s not done. Until then, the cones will continue.”