“The Crowd-Sourced Intelligence Agency (CSIA) is a creative research project that takes the form of an online application and interactive installation that partially replicates an Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) system. The CSIA has been shown internationally at art exhibitions, discussed at conferences, and has been used as the basis for academic articles and book chapters.

The CSIA app is accessible online and consists of an interface that allows the viewer to experience how intelligence agents view social media posts and two machine-learning classifiers for predictive policing. Like OSINT interfaces used by intelligence agencies and government contractors, the CSIA recontextualizes social media posts by removing them from their original context and reframing them as a potential threat to national security. The CSIA was created using technical manuals, research reports, academic papers, leaked documents, and Freedom of Information Act files. The goal of the CSIA is to expose potential problems, assumptions, or oversights inherent in current dataveillance processes in order to help people understand both the effectiveness of OSINT processing and its impact on our privacy.”