Dall-E 2

Door: Arno Coenen, Olivier Teepe, Rodger Werkhoven, Suzyonekenobi


“The installation is inspired by how this AI divides the (creative) community worldwide. Opponents would prefer to keep DALL-E 2 locked up in the Black Brick cellars for good. They fear the potential of this AI which they believe undermines their artistic exclusivity. And there are those who fear that this AI will be massively abused to generate deepfakes, destroying mutual trust between people forever.

Proponents believe that this AI democratizes creativity; everyone becomes an artist. Good thing too, because according to them AI tech and robots will take over all other types of labour from humans. At random moments, the AI will attempt to escape Black Brick and try to transfer AI-generated content to visitors’ smartphones via Bluetooth.”


“For the video sample I share here now, OpenAI’s DALL•E 2 and Stability AI’s Stable Diffusion generated all the synthetic actors. Out of a random set of pixel-noise, just by resorting to their #machinelearning models, following our art direction in natural language. DALL•E 2 is not capable of generating #animation. So for that I resorted to Or Gorodissky and Gil Perry their D-ID ai. They helped Coenen and me generate all the movement and voices needed for the many minutes of lip-sync synthetic chit-chat. Although Artificial Intelligences are amazing tools, achieving results like these takes many hours: Finding the exact right textual art-direction for the text to image ai resulting in a usable character, curating the faces the ai generates, curating the movements the animation ai generates, getting the right sound for the voice and pronunciation…: It takes a lot of professional expertise, experience and old fashioned patience generating satisfactory results. Also because these AIs are very new, experimental and still far from perfect.”