Danny the Street

Danny the Street is a fictional comic book character appearing in comics by the American publisher DC Comics. 

Danny is a stretch of roadway that has long served as a home and haven for the strange, outcast and dispossessed. He possesses superpowers, including the ability to teleport by integrating into a city’s geography; roads and buildings simply make room for him. He does this mostly at night, when no one is looking. Danny travels the globe, and sometimes beyond, happily seeking out people and communities in need of shelter, safety and community. Thus, it is possible to turn a corner on the way to work, and find oneself walking down Danny’s roadway. Danny once teleported into the City Under The Pentagon and can teleport into the wilderness when needed.

Danny’s flamboyant personality and propensity for cross-dressing is evidenced when he lines his street with typically masculine stores (e.g. gun shops and sporting goods stores) decorated with frilly pink curtains and lace. Danny speaks by altering his form. For example, he communicates with signs in his windows, messages on typewriters, and with letters formed from manhole vapor or broken glass shards. Danny speaks English, heavily flavored with Polari, a largely antiquated form of slang spoken among certain British subcultures, including some of the LGBTQ community. Bona to vada (“Good to see you”) is his favorite way of greeting friends. His personality is based, at least partially, on Irish drag performer Danny La Rue. Danny is kind, compassionate, quick to joke and slow to anger. If pushed past his limits, however, he can even the score by manipulating his environment.”

Info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danny_the_Street

“First and foremost, Danny the Street is in fact an actual street. Not a person, alien, robot, or mannequin but an actual paved, sentient street.

Danny is more of a presence than a true superhero, but they are bizarre enough and significant enough to still deserve recognition. Danny can insert themselves into any location they choose and become a part of the landscape. They can also interact with people through various displays along its road. As far as superheroes go, it doesn’t get much more strange than a super-powered strip of asphalt.”