Data Harm Record (Updated)

“The Data Harm Record pulls together concrete examples of harm that have been referenced in previous work so that we might gain a better ‘big picture’ appreciation of how people have already been negatively affected by uses of algorithmic systems. A survey of harms also suggests where things may go wrong in the future and ideally stimulates more debate and interventions into where we may want to change course. The idea is that we can learn a lot by paying attention to where things have gone wrong and by considering data harms in relation to each other.

The Data Harm Record was first published in 2017. Over the last year we have attempted to update it with recent examples. We have tried to capture a wide range of examples, but there are gaps in what we have been able to identify and list here due to time, resource and language limitations.”

“In the Data Justice Lab we carry out research that engages with data analytics from a social justice perspective. This includes research that examines the implications of institutional and organizational uses of data as well as research that provides critical responses to potential data harms and misuses. Areas of research include (but are not limited to): Data discrimination, data colonialism, algorithmic governance, data policy, data uses by the state and other institutions, data-related activism and advocacy.”

Door: Data Justice Lab