Face to Facebook

Door: Paolo Cirio.

“This artwork appropriated one million Facebook profiles and posted 250,000 of them on a custom-made dating website with profiles sorted by social temperament, which was estimated through trained artificial intelligence analyzing facial expressions. The dating website, Lovely-Faces.com, provided a stage for anybody to interact with Facebook users’ personality traits such as smug, easy going, or sly. The project took place over five days of thrilling personal, media, and legal reactions, which became a global mass media performance. During the performance the artwork received over a thousand mentions in the international press, eleven legal threats, five death threats, and several letters from the lawyers of Facebook. which had to confront this artistic intervention made with its appropriated material and as a result of its security flaws. The project addressed surveillance, privacy, and the economy of social media monopolies as well as performing art interventions within global media.
Co-author: Alessandro Ludovico.”

Aldus Cirio.