“Fare beating describes any action involving an individual using the subway without purchasing a pass. This includes hopping the turnstile, being let in through the emergency door without paying and bending a MetroCard to trick the scanner into giving you a free ride.

However, many of the arrests associated with fare beating often also target people who ask strangers for spare swipes — even though NYC’s Metro Transportation Authority (MTA) publicly stated it will not forbid the practice of giving subway swipes to strangers.

In fact, over 29,000 arrests were made for fare beating alone last year, costing the city more than $51 million.

Ironically enough, it would cost the city only $40.5 million to offer those same 29,000 offenders free passes. In fact, arresting a person goes further than costing taxpayers; those arrested are also often in danger of losing their jobs or housing.”

PAUL NOTICE II, may 13, 2016