Feminist Data Manifest-No

“16. We refuse surveillance as the only condition for participation and to feel powerless in the face of “inevitable” mass technological surveillance. We commit to find our communities, hold them close, and resist together.

17. We refuse Big Tech’s half-measures and moral compromises that constantly defer the needs of vulnerable users as something to be addressed in the next round (of funding, of testing, of patching). We commit to centering the needs of the most vulnerable among us in making way for a radical address to Big Tech’s data problems.

18. We refuse technologies that defer or delay accessible design because it is too expensive, inconvenient, or not legally required. We commit to learning from the work of disability activists. #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs”

Cifor, M., Garcia, P., Cowan, T.L., Rault, J., Sutherland, T., Chan, A., Rode, J., Hoffmann, A.L., Salehi, N., Nakamura, L. (2019).