Feminist Data Set

“Feminist Data Set is a multi-year project that interrogates every step of the AI process that includes data
collection, data labeling, data training, selecting an
algorithm to use, the algorithmic model, and then
designing how the model is then placed into a chat bot
(and what the chatbot looks like) through intersectional feminism as an investigatory framework. Every
step exists to question and analyze the pipeline of creating using machine learning—is each step feminist,
is it intersectional, does each step have bias and how
can that bias be removed? Really, what does it mean
to think through every step slowly and thoughtfully;
metaphorically, can we think of this as farm to server
table, as slow data and consensual data?”


“We must acknowledge those who work within and for these systems and directly involve and design with these workers. Machine learning and A.I. will always be controversial, but framing equity across all labor that goes into its design is something creators, technologists, artists, and society can and should aim for – creating intersectional structures that foster ownership and cooperative determination for the workers, thereby increasing the likelihood for fairer systems.”