Flyerservice Hahn

“Hard to believe, but true: a non-existent company, with no real business address, no entry in the commercial register, and no tax number, made all party associations of the far-right extremist AfD across Germany an unbeatable offer – which they simply couldn’t refuse.

Our fictitious company acquired orders worth millions. Afterall, why should a major political party and real alternative political group be like all the morons from the established parties and do its own flyer distribution?!
The upshot: 85 lazy local, district and regional party associations of the far-right populist AfD delivered millions of flyers to our nationwide network of ‘logistics centers’ – we are afterall the ‘global market leader’…! In the end, the 5 million flyers simply gathered dust in our warehouses and became 72 tons of far-right extremist party rubbish.
Welcome to Flyerservice Hahn!”