Door: m7red, (Mauricio Corbalan & Pio Torroja)

“How does the game work? Eight to eighty players are divided into teams. Each selects at random a previously established character, style, and secret goal. Team members must transform these elements into a story, which they present through icons on a map of flooded Buenos Aires. While characters include familiar crisis figures–politician, policeman, and engineer–there are also some surprising ones, such as an anarchist, a gaucho, and an immigrant. Styles range from the ecologically minded to the entrepreneurial, and the secret goal can include any task from starting a refugee agency to attracting tourists to the flood-stricken area. The challenge lies in the game’s chance combinations. When I played a round, I ended up on a team with a filmmaker and an architect; we had to find a strategy to deal with a media-savvy geisha running a covert paramilitary gang that was destabilizing the city. Corbalan and Torroja play the role of mediators, who may edit a team’s narrative or suggest a new development in what they call “the collective script” produced by each game. In the end, all missions are revealed, and players vote independently on the most convincing team strategy.”