Laboratory of Design Against Oppressions

Met beschrijving van aanpak en voorbeeldprojecten.

“The Laboratory of Design Against Oppressions (LADO) is an open, horizontal space for critical education, scientific research, and transformative action at UTFPR. Attentive to the objectives of student involvement and participation in university outreach, LADO is organized through self-management, including collective decision-making and distribution of power among the several working groups created to coordinate each of its experiments. LADO experiments are shared on Instagram.

The laboratory develops three types of experiments, integrating teaching, research and extension:

1) Formative actions: carrying out formative activities through interaction with undergraduate disciplines, organizing events, offering courses and study groups, developing open educational resources, and visits to communities.
2) Technological actions: identification, transformation, and creation of concepts, tools, techniques, and Design methods and tools that assist in confronting oppressions.
3) Community actions: design actions in collaboration with oppressed communities, favoring the dialogue between community and university in the search for confronting oppression and achieving transforming actions.”