Little Big Futures

“A classroom interactive game to enable healthy debate, welcome difference of thought and bring to the table the world’s most pressing issues.”

Door: Mariana Quintero, Chiara Dall’Olio, Oscar Tomico, Jimena Salinas, Ariel Gallardo, Wen Qian Chua (Fab Lab barcelona)

“The question is, how can we design an integrated system of tools that allows teachers to facilitate healthy debates regarding the future in the classroom?

Replicable, scalable and accessible tools for teachers

Digital tools such as social media instead of welcoming challenging opinions and showcasing diversity of thought foster the creation of echo chambers. As children grow into adults with the proliferation of social media as the communication norm, tools to combat these filter bubbles are not only required but necessary in education settings such as classrooms.

Additionally there exists an opportunity to leverage technology in the classroom to teach children about futures literacy, creating designated spaces within class time to co-create and imagine futures with their peers.”