“MoonPunk is a standalone political action roleplaying game for 3-7 people. It also contains real-world guides to direct action. Play as punks on a retrofuturistic Moon fighting the good fight against oppression. Use subversive action to take down The Authority, spread the truth about corruption, protest the corporate, or just punch some moon nazis.

This book contains everything you need to start fighting the power.

Inside you will find:

  • 12 punk playbooks, and how to make your character.
  • 9 basic moves for navigating and narrating the world.
  • 26 pieces of digital art.
  • A punk’s guide to direct action.
  • Everything you could need to run a game as “The Authority.”
  • 4 example modules to run your game.

So sew on some patches, spike up your hair, and turn it up to 11. The show’s about to start.