My calling card

Door: Adrian Piper.

My Calling card collection contains three unique pieces of art by Adrian Piper. Adrian Piper herself is black as well as a white woman. She could not take the racist comments people inflicted on those who weren’t white. The calling cards were Piper’s way of telling people who she is as people sometimes didn’t recognize her as black. This was also a way to tell people what she thought was acceptable in society. In the calling cards, she explores identity as well as sexuality. […]

These calling cards helped Piper in social situations where she could not say things out loud and create a scene. She tries to remove any prejudgments people have about her as a black woman, and she also tries to break stereotypes and social norms. The cards help one ponder over their words and think about how their words might have hurt someone. The receiver is allowed to contemplate about the proper way to treat a particular group or gender.’


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