Book: Obfuscation

Finn Brunton en Helen Nissenbaum – Obfuscation, A User’s Guide for Privacy and Protest (2015). Over ontwijken, saboteren, in de war maken: voorbeelden en theorie over hoe je op een creatieve manier controle en bewaking kan tegengaan, door juist meer data te genereren.

Beide doen interessant werk, waarover ze in onderstaande video’s vertellen.

“There is something compelling in being persuaded of the ethical imperative of digital troublemaking by a couple of righteous academics. Obfuscation is not an academic tome, and it doesn’t delve into conceptual analyses on its core principles, such as anonymity in crowds following David Chaum, or linkability following Andreas Pfitzmann. But the book has been justifiably selective to capture broad appeal. The lucid, authoritative, accessible and thought-provoking text that results is a pleasure to read.”