Play as Politics

Door Susan Ploetz via Trust (

“How play, games, and the purposeful design or construction of social interactions can lead to successful social and political change through the lens of what philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre once referred to as “Fused Groups.” By focusing on such movements as the neo-anarchist Provo Movement in the 60’s and the emergent Larpers of the World, she will explore how such activities can form a baseline of participants who can embody and facilitate decentralized collective action of people ready and willing to exercise their agency, flexible federations that can mobilize institutional power, and perhaps even people who form civic groups in the face of state and other superstructural collapse.

Susan Ploetz is an artist-researcher working at the junction of embodiement, theory, technos, and politics. Upcoming projects include Senses of Security as a part of the Uncertainty Seminars at Stroom den Haag, and larping with humans and soft robotics as a part of The Shape of Things to Come: Technology, AI and the Human, at Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo, Japan.”