Political Demands Bits & Bäume 2022

“Justice in digitalisation, sustainable technology design
and social issues

We demand that social and ecological justice and the orientation toward long-term peace are fundamental goals of digital transformation. In this context, technology design, education and work must be aligned with strengthening social cohesion.

In detail, this means:
4.1. Digital technologies and their use must always be geared towards supporting long-term peace
efforts in our society and globally. It is essential that prohibitions and bans in this context are
regulated in an international convention. This convention would also ensure that no state that
has renounced the use of so-called digital weapons can be threatened with them by other states.
Every war is preceded by many wrong political decisions; peace is a long-term project.
4.2. Digitalisation must bring social improvement and should not lead to a deterioration of social and
occupational health and safety standards.
4.3. Technology has to be designed according to intersectional-feminist principles and must not
perpetuate structural disadvantages and discrimination in society.
4.4. “Universal” access to digitalisation, digital literacy and creative freedom must be supported.
4.5. Users in the digital sector must be consistently protected.”