Door: McKinney.

Te spelen via http://playspent.org/

Spent (stylized SPENT) is an online game about surviving poverty and homelessness. It was created by ad agency McKinney for their pro bono client Urban Ministries of Durham (UMD), whose mission “is to provide food, clothing, shelter and supportive services to neighbors in need”. Players must make the difficult decisions necessary to live for one month on $1000, often having to choose between equally disagreeable options. The dilemmas they face represent those that bring people to places like UMD: Do you make a healthy meal or keep the lights on? Cover the minimum on your credit cards or pay the rent? Hope your sick kid gets better on their own or risk your job by leaving early to take them to the doctor? Let your kid play in the after-school sports league or save the money needed for their uniform?

The game ends when players either run out of money before the end of the month or make it through with money left over.

Since its launch in February 2011, the interactive game Spent has been played more than 4 million times in over 218 countries.

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