Tech Won’t Save Us

“Tech Won’t Save Us is an award-winning left-wing tech podcast that began in April 2020 during the first Covid lockdown. Since then, it’s gained a global listenership of tech workers, academics, journalists, and people who want a different perspectve on an industry that holds so much power over their daily lives.

Mashable has called Tech Won’t Save Us “a healthy counter dose to the nauseating tech utopia idealism that usually surrounds Silicon Valley and enthusiast tech press coverage.” PodSauce says the show is “challenging the notion that technology is the main driver behind advancing the world.”

The show’s primary goal is to provide insights about technology and the tech industry that listeners are unlikely to hear on other tech podcasts and in most tech media. By doing that, listeners can see the industry in a different light, reconsider our relationship to technology, and question the narratives we’ve been fed about it for decades. The hope is that knowledge will enable action.”