The Superstitious Fund Project

“A trading algorithm that operates Superstitiously…

Would you trust a Superstitious Robot with your money? The Superstitious Fund Project is a live experiment in which an algorithm trades based on superstitious beliefs. The autonomous algorithm makes decisions based on lunar cycles and numerology, and also develops its own form of superstitious logic, creating lucky and unlucky values that influence its behaviour. 144 people from around the world has invested a total of £4828.88 in the fund, which will return the resulting balance back to its investors in a year’s time. Now trading, the stock market board shows the current performance of the superstitious fund in real time – refreshing its data every eight seconds.

The Robot ‘buys’ or ‘sells’ when a superstitious indicator appears, such as the number 13.

The accompanying book documents the creation of the fund, which was developed with the assistance of finance professionals, fortune tellers, programmers and lawyers.”