Door Adam Harvey

“Adam Harvey (US/DE) is an artist, software engineer, and applied researcher based in Berlin. His work is focused on computer vision, privacy, and surveillance technologies.

Recently, Harvey developed VFRAME, a computer vision project for human rights researchers working on OSINT investigations.”

“Automatic, private, open-source face redaction web app: try it here  DFACE.app

DFACE uses the YOLOV5 neural network object detection framework to run face detection in a web browser so photos never leave a user’s device. It can process up to 1,000 faces per image at down to 10×10 pixels per face with varying effects (color fill, blur, or emoji), and supports batch-processing multiple images. It is designed for activists and social media users to quickly and privately redact faces in imagery before posting to social media.

The entire application uses only about 13MB of bandwidth and is open sourced with a MIT license at https://github.com/vframeio/dface.”