Wikileaks scarf

Door: Metahaven.

“DV: Nobody could have foreseen what happened to WikiLeaks, and the events that unfolded. Of course, it’s impossible for an identity to keep track of all this, so that’s also why we had to change the central question of the project, moving into something that was much more about products, merchandising — because what they needed most was money. Then of course we solved that in a completely non-straightforward way. We did stuff that obviously was very different form what they had in mind originally.
KC: What kind of things did Wikileaks have in mind for themselves?
DV: The sort of stuff you see in their official merchandising store.
KC: Instead, you made some more upscale items for them, like a Chanel-style scarf. What’s the story behind that?
DV: The notion of the scarf talks about opacity and transparency, which is exactly what they are about.”

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