AI Oracles

Door: Gaston Welisch (

“As AI has gradually infiltrated aspects of our lives, from healthcare algorithms to autonomous vehicles, it was inevitable that these technologies also transformed the way we create and appreciate creative endeavours. But AI-generation tools also represent a shift in the creative relationships between humans and machines, which requires a new approach to collaboration and understanding. This is where the concept of “AI Oracles” comes in.

I believe that AI Oracles can become essential mediators between the chaotic and inscrutable nature of AI (More specifically generative models trained with Deep Learning) and the human desire for meaning and intention in art. These digital mystics will use their intuition and expertise to interpret AI-generation tools and facilitate and curate their creative potential. This new role for designers and artists is not only a natural evolution of the creative process in the AI era but also a necessary one, as we grapple with the ethical and societal implications of AI’s growing influence.”