“AUTONOMÍA ZAPATISTA is een bordspel. De spelers moeten samenwerken om autonomie op te bouwen in een Zapatistisch gebied, door de 13 eisen te verwezenlijken en de 7 principes van te volgen. Het wordt aanbevolen om met 2 tot 6 personen te spelen, hoewel zoveel mensen als u wilt kunnen meespelen. Aanbevolen voor mensen ouder dan 10 jaar. Duur van elk spel: 30-45 minuten”

“Zapatista communities have been fighting for more than 27 years, representing one of the cracks in the capitalist system and showing by their example that another world is possible and already exists.

On January 1, 1994, the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) took up arms and reclaimed thousands of acres of land in Chiapas that had been stolen by ranchers. After 10 years of clandestine organizing, the Zapatista communities declared war against the Mexican government, proclaiming “enough is enough!” to the theft and exploitation that indigenous peoples have resisted since the colonial invasion more than 500 years ago. Since then, Zapatista communities have been building autonomy in their territory. Through assembly organization, mass participation and direct democracy, the support bases manage their own education system as well as their own health, communication, production, self-government and justice systems. With resistance and rebellion, thousands of Zapatistas organize and cooperate to collectively build more fair and dignified ways of life, respecting the diversity of ways of being, in coexistence with Mother Earth, for the individual and collective rights of indigenous peoples and of women.

In this game your goal will be to collaborate to jointly build autonomy in a small simulation of the autonomous territory. In order to do it you will have to fulfill the 13 Zapatista demands, following the 7 principles of leading by obeying. However, it will not be easy: paramilitary groups, government plans, megaprojects and natural disasters will hinder your path.”