Climate Games

“Our main story is: “We are nature defending itself.” The game is still under definition. In practice, you name your team after a species, the mycelium team for example, and you try to examine the possible targets, like Solutions21, great event of green capitalism organised during the COP, sponsored by GDF Suez, etc., at the Grand Palais in Paris. Then you prepare your team to take action, block, infiltrate it… Whilst you are taking action, you can look at your smartphone and check if 30 police vans are taking the direction of the Grand Palais and decide if need be to leave quickly and go and block a lobbyist in his/her hotel. Once the action has been carried out, you post pictures of your action on the website, and you receive points. And if the action is very funny, you get more points. In December, we want a grand theatrical launch like the Hunger Games film: the games are beginning, do not forget who is the true enemy.”