Madame Binh Graphics Collective

“Within a structure of collaborative authorship, the all-women collective made a stylistic range of posters, prints and street art on anti-racist subjects and in support of national liberation movements. It also taught classes in drawing, design and silk-screening. One of the collective’s main goals was to provide “material aid” (as opposed to just visibility or propaganda) to the international movements it supported, so the collective often sold its work or used art to advertise its allies’ meetings or actions.

Much of the collective’s archive was bought in 1981, before the collective was raided by the FBI. Many of the purchased posters were donated to the Hampshire College Archive in 1991, as part of the Karen DiGia Collection. One of its best-known posters is a photograph of Assata Shakur with the text “Assata Shakur is welcome here” below. It is signed with the pseudonym “The Republic of New Afrika”. The MBGC Assata Shakur poster influenced the design of Micah Bazant’s 2017 poster “Refugees Are Welcome Here”.”