Shut Elbit Down

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  • Start Where You’re At – Simple enough. If you want to know what you can do against Elbit, just find out where Elbit is. With a simple google search you can find your local Elbit site. Failing that you can find the local site of any arms company with links to Israel.  As CLR James said, ‘genuine internationalism must be based on the national scene.’ From there, you can start planning what to do.
  • Make Some Noise – You’ll want to draw attention to the fact you have War Criminals next door. There’s a variety of things you can do to achieve this. An important thing to remember is this doesn’t just mean on social media. Situate yourself in your local space: banner drops, talks, protests and (if you’re feeling confident enough) direct action.
  • Shut It Down – Once you feel up to it, you’ll want to start interrupting the war machine. Now whilst occupying a factory roof does achieve this and draws a lot of attention, you can also go after secondary targets. If there’s any companies complicit in the war machine, such as shipping companies and landlords, go after them too and let them know you won’t stand for their business practices. We’ll come back to this point in a bit to help get you informed on how to practice direct action.
  • Don’t Stop  The most important part. Actions may look flashy, but they’re not as effective as they might seem if just done once. So you have to keep going. As the Zapatista SupGaleano said, ‘Your struggle, our struggle, the struggle of those below in general, depends on resistance; on not giving up, not selling out, not giving in.’ This is where drawing attention comes in handy, because it’s not just you doing the work, but a whole movement of people. We’re stronger together.”

“Creativity is vital to keep our resistance effective. When planning for your action, an important starting point is to finalise what you want to achieve. Here are just a few examples of what actions have already been taken. If your inexperiecned it’s best to start simple and build your way up. Dream up crazy ideas in your cell, remember that your action is to destrupt, damage or destroy your target. Here are some suggestions and different tatics to get you started”