“Hegemony is an asymmetric political board game for 2-4 players that lets you simulate a whole nation! Engage in political intrigues, forge great economic strategies and astonish your foes by cunning maneuvers to increase the power of your class and carry out your agenda. Create an ideological consensus, become the hegemon and lead your people to wealth and prosperity!

The game was made in cooperation with renown academics and uses theoretical concepts such as Socialism, Neoliberalism, Nationalism, Globalism without prescribing any ideology. Build companies, initiate strikes, engage in foreign trade, propose policies, create unions, expand your political influence, and much more and simultaneously you will learn more about the world around you!

Will you be able to achieve hegemony?”



“Back to the positive side: One amazing thing about this game is that I believe the game intentionally simulates the neverending problems of society. You feel like a cog in the machine while others make immense profits (Working Class), an ancient slow dinosaur (State), or might literally say “Stop taking my jobs!” (Middle Class). Unfortunately, there is no sense of power progression or a “victory lap” for any class but the Capitalists, a common complaint from other reviews that I find true. But that’s realistic? The government rarely “succeeds” like a Capitalist and the working class never gets as wealthy as a Capitalist, just like in real life.”

https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/3234289/review-of-hegemony-after-150-plus-hours (MeepleBot @uwalvin )