Feminist Tech Exchange: Storytelling

“This manual is for trainers using storytelling as a feminist approach to facilitate space for activists to tell their stories in their own voices. Participants’ stories are not mediated through another nor are they (re)presented. Through the storytelling they represent themselves. Embedded in this module is how to create stories taking into account digital safety and understanding digital safety in activism. We have arranged the modules so that they can be used together or as stand alone sections.”


“APC is well positioned to connect academic and activist knowledge about how to use the internet and digital technologies to adapt to and combat climate change. Building on our history of emerging from green movements, and our ongoing connections with them, APC has decades-long experience with a hands-on approach to technology and its use in ways that are sustainable and promote social and environmental justice and human rights.

Our impact objectives:
  1. The APC network’s capacity to take action against the climate crisis in solidarity with the broader environmental movement is strengthened.
  2. Practices, models and systems that are environmentally and socially sustainable are promoted, developed and adopted by the APC network.
  3. Policy and regulatory frameworks ensure that the environmental impact of digital technologies – from production and development to disposal of the devices used to run and interact with them – is measured, understood and mitigated.”