Deportation Class

“At the start of this year [2000] the saying ┬źNo Person Is Illegal┬╗ incited artists to participate in a somewhat unusual competition: a call for poster designs that would critically deal with the expulsion practices of the Lufthansa Airlines. This was triggered by the death of the Sudanese refugee Aamir Ageeb on board Lufthansa flight LH558 from Frankfurt to Cairo. The 30-year-old was so mishandled by three officials of the federal border patrol that he suffocated; the border guard forced him to wear a motorcycle helmet, tied his hands and feet, and, at take off, violently pushed his head down to his knees with all his strength. At the stopover in Munich only the corpse of Ageeb could be removed from the plane. While nationwide the incident left the public comparatively cold, the call of the poster competition found an unexpectedly great echo.”

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