Battling Big Business

Countering greenwash, infiltration and other forms of corporate deception

“The first part of this book presents a wide variety of case studies—worst-case scenarios, if you will—to explore the heretofore known limits of what can happen when a corporation shifts into high gear. The period of time these stories describe shows that the corporate front has been working on avoiding criticism for at least ten years, whereas some of the strategies even have their roots in the seventies: countering the boycott of the South African apartheid and the anti-Nestlé babyfood campaign. Each chapter focuses on a specific counter-strategy: dialogue, greenwash, censorship, monitoring or spying. Some overlap between the cases presented here is unavoidable, and this effectively links the stories. The cases here can be seen as forming a bigger picture, about which readers will, I hope, be able to draw practical conclusions of their own.

The second part explores tactical tools available to activists, journalists and other concerned citizens: exposure and beyond. Research and the publication of leaked documents are just two ways to counter corporate deception. Deconstructing the use of corporate symbols and subverting the meaning of powerful signs through simple acts of street theatre can be inspiring ways to expose them too. I hope this unravelling will inspire trust in alternatives, the power of creativity, and taking maximum advantage of new media tools. The keywords here are originality, playfulness, unexpectedness, smallness, speed, decisiveness, clarity and unstoppability.”

Over de auteur Eveline lubbers: