Eromatase / clinostat

Door: Adriana Knouf

“To date, only 11.5% of astronauts have been women; only a couple are publicly known to have been queer; and none are known to be transgender. Little research has been done on the specifics of sex and gender in relation to spaceflight. The cost to send experiments to space has decreased due to new commercial launch providers, but still remains prohibitively expensive for most entities. Governmental agencies and commercial space ventures have made it clear that incorporating LGBTQ people and perspectives is not a priority. No research has been done on whether it is safe for transgender people on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to go to space. For deep space missions there will need to be a source of exogenous estradiol, for both transgender women on HRT as well as as a component of hormonal birth control.”

“we decided to create an open version of the clinostat or RWV within the ethos of transhackfeminism–namely, making these research tools free and accessible for others to further the queering of science and bioart, especially within the outer space context. This work was one of the main outcomes of my Biofriction residency, “Xenological Entanglements. 001: Eromatase”, produced by Kersnikova Institute/Kapelica Gallery in the fall of the pandemic year 2020.”