Door: Teresa Borasino.

“For the last 20 years, the UN climate summits have not delivered any significant solution that effectively prevents catastrophic climate change. On the contrary, CO2 emissions have increased, and climate inequality, ecosystem depletion and unsustainable consumption have only worsened.
The science behind climate change has been well established by the IPCC reports, but governments are not acting upon it. They are failing us.
To highlight this fact, I printed the latest IPCC’s report text on rolls of toilet paper. During the Climate Change Conference in Paris COP21, we smuggled hundreds of rolls into the conference center and flooded the toilets with them. Many activists, the youth delegation, TierraActiva and other climate justice groups took the risk and participated in the action. The message spread through different networks: At #COP21 toilet paper emblazoned with IPCC report appears in toilets. Delegates told to #GiveaShit and stop wiping their ass with the science.”