Half-Earth Socialism

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“Without revolutionary change, humanity confronts a dystopian future of global heating, epidemics, and mass extinction. Yet, the mainstream ‘solutions’ on offer are either too modest or too risky, such as toothless cap-and-trade programmes, dangerous geoengineering schemes, lab-grown meat, luxury electric cars, and wildlife conservation bankrolled by billionaires. None of these half-measures suffice to undo the damage that five centuries of capitalism has inflicted upon the biosphere. The mainstream discussion on the environmental crisis is predicated on the belief that a few painless reforms would allow business as usual in our capitalism society to continue. It can’t.

Half-Earth Socialism criticizes such tepid solutions and offers instead a countervailing vision for the future.”


Door: Francis Tseng

“Half-Earth Socialism is a planetary crisis planning game that allows anyone to try their hand as a global planner of a future society. Consider it a sandbox where you can play with a wide range of technologies and policies spanning different fields and ideologies. The game simulates the impact of your decisions by calculating emissions and using a real climate model (HECTOR) to work out the climate effects, while also simulating impacts to the food system and biodiversity, among others. This game, which is inspired by the book Half-Earth Socialism, is the fruit of the labour of many designers, researchers, and artists. The game design and development was led by Francis Tseng (Jain Family Institute) and Son La Pham (Trust). Concept, Writing and research for the game was made in collaboration with Lucy Chinen, Chiara Di Leone, Drew Pendegrass, Spencer Roberts, Troy Vettese & Arthur Röing Baer.”