Door: Alexander Ocias (2010)

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“Videogames is a vice medium, its father is famine under King Atys of Lydia and its mother is nuclear war defense systems. It is important to understand that games are not like film, where some consensus has been reached about language and shape: Every game is its own medium. This is a frontier medium and I explore it.

I try to make things that can’t exist in other mediums, I look how the form can directly involve the player and change them. I pioneer interactive art in new web technologies, in opposition to the wills of Silicon Valley’s capital. The internet is still a powerful evolution of culture that humanity has yet to reckon with:
Art that can be infinitely reproduced for free for anyone on earth is radical and a true realisation of the dreams behind the industrial revolution.

Shit corporate people love to hear

🃏 My most well known work Loved has been played more than 3 million times, featured in every game publication that mattered to me, exhibited in galleries and museums and studied in academic contexts around the world.”