Map The Power Toolkit

“This toolkit is designed to provide people organizing for social change with the resources, tips, and framework you need to conduct power research. It’s also a guide to building a team of people that have the skills to investigate local corporate bodies and organize to challenge their power. You can use this toolkit as a starting point for organizing around a common target within your neighborhood or community, or to strengthen the existing work of your organization!

Before you move into the research skills part of the toolkit, check out our case studies of power research in action to see how people are already organizing and challenging the corporate beneficiaries, collaborators, and enablers of policies that put profit over people.”

“Once you’ve identified your power research target, there is a lot of information you can find about them! Use your instincts and talk to other activists you’re working with to prioritize what information to look for. This guide is meant to be a starting place. For additional training on the tools mentioned here, sign up to get notifications about our monthly training webinars.

The graphic below shows different categories of information you might want to know about a powerful person.”