Mural at Teatro Campesino headquarters

Antonio Bernal, untitled, 1968 at the Teatro Campesino headquarters, Del Rey, CA

T.V. Reed in his book ‘Art of Protest“: “.. this mural can be read as a kind of origin story of the Chicano movement. To begin with, the location of the mural immediately points to one of the political struggles that gave birth to the Chicano movement and underscores that murals were not the only Chicano movement art form. … “reading” it from left to right, we get a clear, strong portrait of the forces feeding into and inspiring the Chicano movement. On the far left we see La Adelita, mythical heroine of the Mexican Revolution of 1910. … Alongside Adelita are two heroes of the revolution, Emiliano Zapata and Pancho Villa. … To the right of Villa is the legendary JoaquĆ­n Murieta, the Mexican/Californian Robin Hood of the gold rush era.”