“June 1989. West Berlin.

Giant sculptures, colorful arts machines, mutated vehicles, army trucks, caravans, the Mutoids arrived in a slow convoy from Amsterdam. We drove down the long corridor through communist East Germany, our fantasist procession passing through cold war military check points.
Contained within three walls, Kreuzberg, West Berlin’s turkish and punk area looked like a giant warehouse.
We settled there, in the Goelitzer Banhoff Park in June. With our lifestyle on display, we ran open workshops. Anyone could join, create with us and within a month, the park had turned into a busy sculpture garden.

Cracking into the back of Russian Army camps, we managed to steal a few trucks and Mig 21 fighter planes which we hauled into the middle of Berlin on big armored personnel carriers.

From them, we built Tankhenge, Stonehenge out of tanks set up sculpture garden on Potsdammer Platz with sculpture made from jet aircraft and pieces of defunct Berlin wall.