“Media theorist, pioneer of cyberfeminism, director and navigator, Nathalie Magnan (1956-2016) was also a generous teacher with an undisciplined spirit: she transmitted to young artists that art can be a practice of freedom. Marseillaise and Mediterranean, by birth and at heart, she constantly forged links between the United States, France and Europe. Beyond the homage, TRANS//BORDER questions the relevance of its work through the work and research of numerous artists, researchers, (h)acktivists and students who continue to plow the territories it was exploring.

From March 12 to 18, they meet at the Mucem. Through round tables, projections, performances, installations and workshops, TRANS//BORDER questions the limits, moves the boundaries: between arts, sciences, technologies and ecology, but also in the Mediterranean Sea, in cybernetic space, between the sexes, between species, between the living and the dead… So many areas of research little known to the general public, and yet essential to understanding the world to come. Nathalie Magnan’s last “act” was to draw attention to those who, every day, attempt to cross the Mediterranean at the risk of their lives. To respond to this wish, we suggest you support the civil sea rescue association SOS MEDITERRANEE: