Objective : Earth

“Has our planet become an object of design? In the face of geoengineering, cloud seeding and ambitious projects to control planetary ecosystems, the question seems justified.”


“Designed alongside the exhibition as a free object, the book traces the development of the objectification of Earth and critically examines its effects on our planet. It opens with a glossary of 20 key techno-scientific concepts. It then invites committed artists and designers to explore their approaches in greater depth in a series of texts: although they use technology, they take a critical look at the systemic disruptions we are facing. Finally, three essays by researchers provide a multidisciplinary perspective: technology historian, Sabine Holler frames this stance in a recent but important history of the concept of Spaceship Earth, design curator Scott Longfellow considers it within the context of total design and philosopher Frédéric Neyrat invites us to become aware of that which cannot be apprehended and to do so, scours the depths of the earth.”