Objets de grève

Door: Jean Luc Moulene (fotografie)

Objets de grève (39 Strike Objects) (1999-2000): this is a series of photographs documenting products made by French industrial workers on strike, and sold in the black market to help fund their cause. For instance, “Bleu Gauloises bleues” (2000) shows a Gauloises cigarette with an inscription: “Cigarettes manufactured by the workers in dispute.” Furthermore, Moulène’s photographs contain a disclaimer, in which he notes that they are not by Moulène but simply “made visible by him.” This emphasizes the power struggles in the making of artwork and the post-production, as well as notes the artist’s interest in “the social conditions in which the artist and the labourer operate in the contemporary world.”


Afbeeldingen van https://www.centrepompidou.fr/fr/ressources/oeuvre/cqjjEx