UX of AI worksheet

“Every design material comes with unique opportunities and challenges. In the same way that designing an event poster is different from designing a mobile app, designing AI/ML-driven applications is different from designing mobile apps.

As we begin to see AI features popping up in our day-to-day products and services, its challenges begin to materialize. They range from UX problems, such as explainability and user feedback mechanisms, to greater ethical challenges, such as echo chambers and data bias. Designing the user experience of adaptive, intelligent, and semi-autonomous systems present a range of new challenges for us designers to take on.”

Door Nadia Piet op https://medium.com/aixdesign/ux-challenges-for-ai-ml-products-1-3-trust-transparency-31df88c6f827

En ook: Part 2 on User Feedback & Control & Part 3 on Value Alignment.