WSPU pins & badges

“The Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU) was founded in 1903 by Emmeline Pankhurst and her daughters, Sylvia and Christabel. In 1906, WSPU headquarters were officially moved to London, England. The WSPU was an organization that encouraged the oppressed women of England to speak out and fight for their rights. Members of the WSPU made rallies, speeches, signs, and fliers to aid them in their fight for women’s rights. Members of the WSPU were notorious for causing “demonstrations,” or destructive acts of violence in public, that often ended in jail time for its participants. Once, they even put a bomb in St. Paul’s Cathedral. Jailed WSPU members also acted in rebellion by refusing to eat. These occurrences were  called “hunger strikes,” and led to violent force feedings via prison doctors.

The WSPU’s official colors were purple, white and green, and flags with those colors were flown during protest marches organized by WSPU members.The WSPU had pins, scarves, and sashes that were worn by it’s members during marches and speeches. Members of the wspu used public sympathy via the media to convince the public that their cause was worth fighting for. On accounts of Jane Wharton, a suffragist, the protesters would interrupt speeches and government functions to speak out for women’s rights. Wharton made it apparent that the government did not play fair all the time, and would send suffragists to jail without trial or fail to acknowledge the rights that women already had.”