Zibo Hotpot Fish

“It was the biggest hotpot fish soup anyone has ever seen. Fifty one-metre-long fish were dancing in orange “soup” that ran two kilometres by 15 metres, accompanied by 10 red peppers.

However, no part of the “hotpot” was edible. The fish and peppers were cotton toys stuffed with balloons inside, and the “soup” was a part of the Yueyang River in Zibo, a city in eastern China’s Shandong province.

It was a project to raise public awareness about river pollution, curated by a Chinese performance artist, who goes by the pseudonym Brother Nut to avoid harassment.”


“As a joke, someone posted an entry for “Zibo Hotpot Fish” on the popular city-guide dianping.com that soon became the most-liked page in the “local food” category.”