Critical Making Cards

Door: Garnet Hertz

“The Critical Making Design Process Cards are a physical card set built as an aid for technology designers to sketch and prototype new designs that are culturally relevant, socially engaged and challenging of current biases in commercial design. They bring together critically-engaged design methods and concepts like critical making (Ratto), critical technical practice (Agre), reflective design (Sengers), near futures (Bleecker), critical design (Dunne & Raby), values in design (Nissenbaum), tactical media (Lovink) and adversarial design (DiSalvo) into a practical brainstorming tool suitable for university classroom or commercial studio use. The cards will be commercially available in 2016.”


Door: Kavita Arvind

“As part of the Critical Making Unit for the M.A. PPDE, we undertook an exercise to adapt Garnet Hertz’s Critical Making Design Process Cards, in a way that they could be used in the Art and Design classrooms to teach and learn the concepts of Critical Making. As a collective initiative in class we came up with 5 separate categories. These were Technology, Materials, Concepts, Time and Space. Each category was further thought through by Brainstorming.”