Lesbian Avengers Handbook


“Still, an incredible organizing tool for any activist group, The Lesbian Avenger Handbook: A Handy Guide to Homemade Revolution made it possible for lesbians across the world to start Avenger chapters without having a huge pool of experienced activists, journalists, artists. Don’t know how to run a meeting? You’ll get complete instructions for that in the handbook. Never organized an action? You’ll find step-by-step instructions from brainstorming, to writing press release, designing flyers, and even dealing with cops.”

The Lesbian Avenger Handbook: A Handy Guide to Homemade Revolution, 2nd Edition, 1993

Complete text of the most widely distributed handbook, a little worse for the wear, but adequate for researchers : http://www.lesbianavengers.com/handbooks/images_handbook2/LAHandbook_original.pdf