Problem Attic

Door: lizryerson

“a game about prisons, both real and imaginary

NOTE: EPILEPSY WARNING! i would not recommend playing this game if you have epilepsy. lots of flashing things, etc.

made in stencyl, originally released in 2013. 

2020 update: you can download the game as an .exe now without needing flash to run, since flash is going extinct soon. your computer may say it’s a virus just because it’s an .exe in a zip file but i promise it’s not! lol.

it takes 2 hours-ish to complete. the game will save your progress, but it will start you off at the title screen each time.

note: if you reach a screen that you think is the ending but you’re not sure, you’re not at the end. you haven’t reached the ending until the game literally tells you it’s the “end” =)”